You want to eat healthy food. You want it to taste great. You want fresh ideas. Where do you start?  With cooking classes or one-on-one kitchen or phone coaching sessions with Chef Rachel, The Healthy Cooking Coach, in Phoenix, AZ.

Do you have food allergies or intolerances and need help learning to cook for yourself or your family members? No problem. Chef Rachel specializes in helping people follow special diets for everything from diabetes to digestive disorders, and from wheat, corn, soy, egg, peanut and tree nut allergies to gluten intolerance, and celiac disease, and for children on the autism spectrum.

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  Kudos from Chef Rachel's Cooking Students

I look forward to Chef Rachel's classes. They are creative, and the food frequently provides lively taste surprises. The food facts are always comprehensive and thorough.
Gloria McNally, Phoenix, AZ
"I love to cook but was frustrated trying to make conventional recipes healthier without removing much of the flavor. Then I took several of Rachel's cooking classes. She presented nutritious menus with robust flavor and brilliant color. Her knowledge of herbs and spices is endless. I love the variations she gives with each recipe, shopping tips, and time-saving techniques. Now I'm serving my family tasty, fresh natural foods. Thanks to Rachel, I have found a renewed interest in cooking."
Mickey Combs, Homemaker, Microbiologist, Tempe, AZ
"When I found out I had celiac, I was lost. The medical field had no knowledge of foods that were even allowed. With Rachel's help, I now enjoy eating again. She taught me about foods I never heard of and how to use them. My entire family enjoys her recipes, even the kids! Now I don't have to cook two different meals!"
Tamara Iott, Shaklee Director, Toledo, OH
"Rachel's cooking classes have changed my life. My meals taste better. My family has become more open to trying new vegetables and fruits. We've all trimmed down. I lost 30 pounds in six months--THE HEALTHY WAY--so I can keep it off, thanks to Rachel!"
Diane Clauda, wife, mother, Toledo, OH
"I was never much for fruits and vegetables but, thanks to Rachel, her inspiration, and her wonderful recipes I am now enjoying these healthy foods. Her recipes are so easy to prepare and delicious."
Roxane Roth, Toledo, OH
"Rachel' s cooking classes are informative, fun, and motivating. She explains the nutritional value of each item. Before taking her classes, I thought I knew a lot about what I was putting in my body and why, but after experiencing Rachel' s classes, I realized how much more I had to learn. I have changed the way I shop and prepare food. When I make Rachel's recipes, people really enjoy them and want copies so they can make them. Rachel is a wealth of information."
Sharon Grosjean, Saleswoman, Toledo, OH
"Rachel has provided me with the knowledge, skills and tools to help my family eat a healthier diet. Our eating habits at home have greatly improved. Rachel's emphasis on protein and vegetables is very basic and simple. Our refrigerator door now boasts proud jars of chopped and ready vegetables, a variety of dressings, and the freezer has a nice selection of nuts for garnish and friendly oils."

"It all took some effort to get started and organized, but her chopping directory helped me allot time for various kitchen jobs. The efficiency gained from her direction is quite remarkable! I find it easy to work with her recipes since they are laid out in a step by step manner. My family loves the food. Her teaching method is relaxed and thorough and the humor she injects makes it a most enjoyable learning experience."
Suzanne Phillips, Jazzercize Instructor, wife and mother of two, Toledo, OH
"Eating the way Rachel teaches has made an incredible difference in my life. Even when I was a child, I don't ever remember feeling this great. My body has really firmed up. The break-out on my face has all cleared up. The pain in my joints has disappeared. My teeth and gums have completely healed and I noticed my varicose veins are healing. Rachel's recipes are very simple and easy to make. I recommend this eating program to everyone."
Patience Bauer, Reiki Master, Toledo, OH
"I thought I was eating healthy, but Rachel showed me where I needed to upgrade ingredients, read labels, and.balance my meals with protein, carbs, and fats. Her recipes are incredible and easy. Rachel has inspired me to eat healthier and I now have cooked greens in the refrigerator at all times. Her Protein-Nut Spread is to live-for!
Carol Ginsberg, medical sales rep, Phoenix, AZ

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