Personal Consulting

Chef Rachel
offers private lessons to help you eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy natural meats, and friendly fats while eliminating processed, denatured, and artificial stuff. She will show you how to make food so delicious you won't feel deprived of anything. Her unique approach to a whole foods diet can help you:
     * Experience more energy and alertness
     * Reduce sweets cravings
     * Prevent infectious and degenerative diseases and promote health
     * Improve digestion and elimination
     * Enjoy gentler menstrual cycles
     * Have a healthy pregnancy, delivery & lactation
     * Improve your child's physical and mental development
     * Reduce body fat and maintain a healthy weight without deprivation or starvation
     * Reduce medical costs

Her inspired tips, tools, and teaching can help you:
     * Savor a wider variety of foods and flavors
     * Become more comfortable, confident, and efficient in the kitchen
     * Overcome food aversions
     * Cook creatively without wheat, gluten, corn, grains, dairy, soy, or refined sugar
     * Make wholesome foods taste great

Through personal one-on-one sessions, cooking classes, or cooking parties, Rachel can help you create positive changes in you shopping, cooking and eating habits that lead to better health.

Commercial Consulting

Chef Rachel
can help restaurants, caterers, institutional kitchens (schools, hospitals, retirement homes, prisons), and professional food producers serve healthier foods and meet the needs of patrons following diets low in starches, sugars, wheat, grains, dairy products, or salt. If you want to add whole foods options to your menu, or modify recipes for special clients, or enhance the flavors, digestibility, or nutritional value of what you serve, Chef Rachel, a former natural foods restauranteur, has a wealth of knowledge to share.


     * Initial consultation to clarify your goals and how Rachel can help you

     * Customized programs designed to change the way you shop, cook,
          eat and look at food

     * Guided shopping tours

     * Phone coaching to keep you on track

     * Help stocking and organizing your kitchen for efficiency and ease of use

     * Help outfitting your kitchen with quality cookware, non-toxic
          cleaning products, and cookbooks you will use again and again

     * Meal and party planning

     * Recipe modification

     * Private cooking classes in your home

     * Cooking Parties in your home

     * Free-in-home trial of a Multi-PureĀ® Home Drinking Water Filtration System
  Kudos From Rachel's Clients

Here's what Rachel's Coaching clients have to say about her work

"I am loving cooking for the first time in my life! Rachel made it fun for me, and healthy. I love cooking for more than one meal--the leftovers are even more tasty. Now, we have healthy, delicious food in the refrigerator at all times, so I'm not tempted to eat junk. I'm conscious of colors and textures on the plate, and my husband is helping me in the kitchen because he knows the end result is worthwhile. Rachel introduced us to flavors we never knew existed. We hardly go to restaurants anymore because the food we're making is so good!"
  Zandria Bernhardt, astrological counselor, Mesa, AZ

"Through phone consultations, Rachel introduced me to a wider variety of foods, recipes that tasted incredible, and new cooking techniques. I felt better almost overnight. I have dropped two dress sizes and I am feeling fantastic."
   Liz Beasley, Technical Illustrator, Whitefish Bay, WI
" I've known Rachel for 18 years.  Whether it's feeding finicky children, entertaining, planning a camping trip or trying to get out of a cooking rut, I can count on Rachel's expertise and creativity to help me prepare beautiful and healthful food.   Rachel demonstrates that whole foods are delicious without compromise in quality."  
  Marilyn Glidewell, artist and homemaker, Bothell, WA
"I have been cooking with Rachel's recipes for four years. I especially enjoy her meat, poultry and fish recipes... My husband and I have been impressed by the ease of preparation, the tasty dishes, and ease of clean up. I can't wait to have her official cookbook to try more, and share these yummy recipes with the rest of my family and friends."
  Megan Stamos, Sales Manager, wife, and new mother, Toledo, OH
"Rachel has been a great resource for me and my patients. I have gotten so much from her that I have a "Rachel" file at my office. She has given me the no-nonsense, non-political truth regarding diet and health. The information she has supplied has greatly improved my health and the health of many of my patients. I am extremely confident giving dietary advice because the information makes sense and the results have been so good. As a result of Rachel's suggestions, my freezer and refrigerator are now stocked with meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables. I eat on a more regular schedule, and I have more energy to keep up with my busy schedule."
  Darren Schmidt, D.C., Ann Arbor, MI
Working with Rachel has changed my life. I am happier and have a lot more energy. Rachel is a great teacher and inspiration!  
  Mary Beth Tanner, Massage Therapist, Toledo, OH
"Rachel reminds us of the things we knew as kids and forgot to practice as adults--like eating on a regular schedule, when you are hungry. My life has been enriched and nutritionally balanced by knowing her. I love the healthy protein drinks and smoothies Rachel has shared with me. I make them almost daily and have shared them with many of my friends and clients."
  Carol W. Donaldson, Massage Therapist, Temperance, MI

Personal Chef Clients

Because of several medical issues, including diabetes and heart problems, cooking well balanced, healthy  and delicious meals has always been a most  discouraging chore.....until we discovered Rachel Matesz. We have known her and her wonderful cooking for over 6 months and have found her to be so creative while still adhering to the diet I and my family can enjoy. We highly recommend her, not only for her spectacular food, but also for her professionalism and great disposition.
  Elaine Lazinsk, painter, Scottsdale, AZ
I thought I had set out on an impossible journey when I began searching for a creative, health-conscious chef who could truly change the way my family ate. Then I met Chef Rachel Matesz. She prepares organic, vegetable-rich, dairy-free meals for us that are not only outrageously delicious and inventive but also so healthy that you can actually feel each cell of your body being nourished. Chef Rachel is passionate about proper nutrition and her knowledge of biochemistry and how the body uses food is unsurpassed. This sets her apart from other great chefs. She listens carefully to the diverse needs of our family and is dedicated to creating healthy dishes everyone loves...even our 3-year-old.  Not only is she a rare talent, but she is also a warm, caring person who we enjoy having in our life, our home and our kitchen.  Hiring Chef Rachel is one of the smartest things we've done in a long time.
   Lauren Meyer, President, Lauren Meyer Communications, Scottsdale, AZ

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