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          * Mustard Dressing     
          * Spicy Peanut Sauce     

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          * Squash Pudding Pie     

          * Red Zinger Punch     
          * Roasted Chicory     
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About The Garden of Eating

Unknown to most people, some stone age tribes survived into the 20th century almost completely isolated from modern civilization. Some of these people may have preserved an ancient way of life. Scientists believe that our ancestors lived by gathering and hunting for at least 2 million years prior to the invention of farming. Some experts believe the pre-farming lifestyle and diet formed modern human nature.

Physicians and anthropologists have reported that some hunter-gatherer tribes enjoyed essentially complete immunity to diseases of civilized man. In our book we discuss the work of Dr. Weston A. Price, D.D.S., who studied the diets and remarkable health of some primitive peoples in the early 20th century and published his observations and beliefs, including hundreds of photos, in his landmark book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (Keats, 1998).    

Over the 20th century, numerous scientists advanced our understanding of primitive nutrition, and we now know how to create a health-enhancing diet modeled after primitive food ways. Humankind emerged in the tropics, designed for and eating a produce-dominated diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and lean wild game, without using dairy products, alcohol, or refined vegetable oils, grains, or sugar. Abundant research suggests that people can lose weight, improve health, and increase resistance to diet-related degenerative diseases by returning to this plant-based food plan.  

We suggest three important steps in this direction. First, move toward a produce-dominated diet, making vegetables and fruits form at least two-thirds of the weight/volume of food you consume. Second, reduce or remove refined foods (sugar, refined grains, vegetable oils, soda), alcohol, and dairy products from your menus, substituting whole food or non-toxic alternatives (such as fresh fruits, whole grains, olive or coconut oil, or grape juice) where appropriate. Third, switch to meat and eggs from wild or grass-fed animals, which contain much less total and saturated fat, and provides fewer calories and more essential micronutrients than supermarket meat.  

To maintain human health we need to ensure a supply of high-quality foods for every generation to come. We need to support small, local farmers raising animals, vegetables, and fruits in harmony with Mother Nature not only for our personal health but also to preserve her fertility for our descendants.

In The Garden of Eating: A Produce-Dominated Diet and Cookbook we clearly explain the benefits of modeling our diets after hunter-gatherer food ways, and convert these ideals into a practical guide to dietary change, including  

*    Top tips for stocking, outfitting, and organizing a whole-foods kitchen
*    Sample menus, meal prep plans, and shopping lists
*    Methods and resources for making a natural foods diet economical
*    250 delicious grain- and dairy-free recipes for
   *    Cooked leafy greens, flowering vegetables and shoots
   *    Side salads and main-dish salads
   *    Roots, tubers, squash, and other vegetables
   *    Salad dressings, sauces, sprinkles, spice rubs, and relishes
   *    Fresh and dried fruits  
   *     Nut-based sweets and treats  
   *    Eggs, fish, poultry, and red meat
   *    Beverages, smoothies, and Vita-Mix whole food juices
   *     Alternative natural sweeteners including stevia and agavĂ© nectar
*    Holiday and special occasion
   *    Proper preparation of whole grains

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"Life in all it's fullness is Mother Nature Obeyed."
                               --Weston A. Price, DDS, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

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