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     * The Garden of Eating, a comprehensive
          health-enhancing diet and cookbook
     * Sample recipes from the book
     * Cooking classes
     * Consulting and coaching services

* Winner USA Book News "Best CookBook 2004"
* Winner Glyph Award "Best Cookbook" 2005

     Our purpose is to guide you toward greater health through optimal nutrition. The Garden of Eating is more than a diet book and more than a cookbook. It's a comprehensive guide to natural eating. It's principles are not new. They are based on the ancient, time-tested food ways of preagricultural people free of modern degenerative diseases. This plan is vegetable rich but not vegetarian.

     Cooking classes are are a great way to learn about The Garden of Eating firsthand. Come often and you'll sample Rachel's newest creations. Schedules are updated monthly. If you live in the Phoenix, Arizona, area or are just passing through, we hope to see you in some of the classes.

     We offer consultations and coaching to help you improve the way you shop, stock up, cook, and eat. We'll show you how to make your kitchen user-friendly and efficient and make healthy eating fit into your busy life. We also consult with professionals in the food industry.

We hope you enjoy your stay in The Garden of Eating and return often.

Another great way to lose weight is hypnosis - or hypnotherapy. View a full list of the possibilities at Hypnose Praktijk (site is in Dutch).

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